GETBERG – Key to your dreams
Building a place to live does not just mean building a house. It also means creating a home and a community. At GETBERG, we know this very well and we try to reflect this approach in all our projects. We are interested in appearance, but also in functionality and impact on nature. That is why we emphasize the choice of quality materials and create buildings with respect to the environment. We do not build houses, we build homes. Unique ideas, friendly attitude and support in finding a place where your children can grow up - that's our way.
GETBERG - Developer
What makes GETBERG unique? Originally we only sold real estate, then we decided to create houses and homes ourselves. It is development and continuous progress that best define our society. We want to be your partner and our dream is a client who loves his new house not only because he has made it a home, but also because he shares a common philosophy with us. Quality materials, exceptional location and access to nature and the environment. This is GETBERG.
We are the new type of a developer
We want to co-create the landscape and towns in which we build homes. That is why we discuss our projects with municipal leadership and find out how we can contribute to creating even more pleasant life in the city. People come first, and thanks to our expertise, we can help cities and municipalities to make their lives easier. For example, during the construction of one of the last projects, we left a piece of our land to the city to build a kindergarten.
Membership in the Association of Developers
This membership obliges us to meet ethical criteria and openly discuss with all those affected by our actions.
We create experiences and homes for all
At GETBERG we aim to create housing that achieves premium qualities. We want you not only to have a nice home in our houses, but also to feel the benefits of your choice. Our projects are always something unique. Black Roofs are passive houses for active people, Modry Platan brings houses for the price of apartments, for people looking for affordable modern living there is G Residence.

GETBERG a Situace s COVID-19

Dění kolem koronaviru nás zasáhlo všechny a GETBERG není výjimkou. Bereme vážně opatření nařízená vládou, v kancelářích máme k dispozici dezinfekci, ale z preventivních důvodů se s vámi nyní osobně nepotkáme. Veškeré požadavky a náležitosti však dokážeme vyřídit online, případně za vámi můžeme poslat řidiče, který dokumenty doveze k vám i zpět.

Prodej nemovitostí se nezastavil. Naopak věříme, že i v této době je investice do bydlení dobrou volbou, která navíc může přinést zajímavé příležitosti.

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